Salt saturators

Rodin are pleased to offer bulk salt saturators to complement our range of commercial water softeners. 

Rodin Bulk Salt Saturator

The manual handling of large bags of salt is no longer an accepted practice in many applications and industries. The salt saturator is a vessel designed to take away manual handling issues making the provision of brine a much safer and less costly option. The Rodin Group can provide salt saturators ranging in size from 8 tonne to 70 tonne capacity with other volumes available on request.

Brine is necessary for many applications in the food, chemical and water industries.

Salt saturators work on the simple principal of adding water in a controlled way with PDV salt (pure dried vacuum salt).

 All salt saturators come complete with a fill line which is designed to accept the salt from a bulk delivery tanker. The outlet of a salt saturator is connected to a brine collection system situated inside the vessel. The brine collection system is firstly covered by graded layers of gravel and then the bed of salt. 

Water is supplied to the salt saturator via a mains water supply which is controlled via a ball float valve system. Once the two main ingredients have been added, the water mixes with the salt to become brine. This brine seeks through the graded filter bed and into the brine collection system giving clean saturated brine through the outlet connection.

All standard models come complete with the following:Rodin Bulk Salt Saturator

  • Side manways
  • Louvered vents
  • Fill lines c/w tanker connection
  • Lifting lugs
  • Float columns
  • Brine outlet c/w internal collection system
  • Gravel bed(supply only)
  • Pressure relief vents

Optional extras include the following:

The shells of our salt saturators are translucent and incorporate a UV stabiliser in order that the salt and water levels can be readily seen. The tops and bases are pigmented mid blue as standard, but any alternative colour to BS2800 can be supplied.


Salt Saturator - applications

  • Large commercial applications
  • Industrial appliations
  • Food applications
  • Educational applications

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