Honeywell Elster Water Meters for Building Services

Elster water meters are manufactured by Elster Water Metering (formerly Kent Water Meters) and provide innovative water metering solutions, including low flow and leakage detection applications. Elster Water Metering manufactures water meters for utility, commercial and domestic use and offers a complete water metering portfolio including solutions for revenue metering, cost allocation, network monitoring, distribution, radio reading, smart metering systems and industrial applications.

They are now part of the Honeywell group and their comprehensive range includes

  • Volumetric meters
  • Elster Honeywell
  • Smart meters
  • Hot water meters
  • Combination meters
  • Multijet meters

The Rodin Group is able to to provide a range water meters that meet most requirements:

Elster V100 (PSM)

The V100 (PSM) is the world's favourite domestic volumetric meter, with over 50 million already inservice in over 100 countries. Available in sizes from 15mm to 40mm, with flow rates of between 7.5l/h and 20m³/h.

  • Optimum accuracy and performance at all times, in any position.
  • Revolutionary grooved piston for improved durability and performance.
  • Durable tamperproof construction.Elster Honeywell V100 (PSM) Water Meter
  • Easy to read.
  • Pulse output available providing access to management information.
  • Robust, leak-proof construction.
  • Performance to ISO 4064 Class C or D.
  • Maximum working temperature of 50ºC.
  • Maximum working pressure of 16 bar.

      Elster V100 water meter brochure

     Elster V100 (PSM) water meter specification sheet 


Elster V200/V210 Hybrid

Elster combines its latest flow measurement technology with Smart Metering functionality, producing a hybrid solution that enables utilities to focus more effectively on water resource management and consumer engagement.

  • Absolute readings – absolute index value displayed and transmitted
  • Optimised low flow measuring performance for maximum revenue collectionElster V200 V210 Hybrid Water Meter
  • Easy to install and commission – no configuration necessary
  • Both one and two-way radio communications. 
  • Integrated data-logging for water usage profiling
  • Operational alarms such as monitor leaks, no flow, backflow and low battery
  • Integrated tariff capability
  • Approved to the last European Directive 2004/22/EC

   Elster V200/V210 hybrid water meter specification sheet 


Elster V200/V210

V200 and V210 volumetric meters are designed to maximise revenue collection and are available in a range of sizes covering a wide range of flow rates.

  • Revolutionary grooved piston for improved durability and performance. 

    Elster Honeywell V200 Brass Water Meter

  • Easy-to-read tamper-proof copper can registers are hermetically sealed to eliminate condensation and offer waterproofing and conformity to IP68.
  • Pre-equipped with inductive pulse target which can be read by a tamper-proof bi-directional inductive pulse transmitter, allowing easy integration into remote reading systems.
  • Can also be fitted with the revolutionary new InVISION register module to provide an encoded output.
  • Performance to OIML R49, EN14154 and ISO4064. 
  • Maximum temperature of 50°C. 
  • Maximum pressure of 16 bar.
  • Approved to the last European Directive 2004/22/EC

    Elster V200/V210 water meter brochure

   Elster V200/V210 water meter specification sheet

    Elster V200/V210 ploymer water meter specification sheet


Elster H4000

The H4000 is a Woltmann-type meter designed for measuring bulk flows of cold potable water for revenue billing in commercial or industrial applications and distribution system monitoring. Available in sizes 40mm to 300mm for flow rates of between 0.35m³/h and 2000m³/h.

  • Multiple pulsed output for increased management informationElster Honeywell H4000 Water Meter
  • Extended low and high flow performance
  • Suitable for forward and reverse flow metering
  • ISO 4064 Class B specification for forward flow installations in the horizontal, vertical and inclined position
  • ISO 4064 Class B specification for the reverse flow for sizes up to 150mm
  • Robust shroud and copper can register for long life and readability
  • Use of an in-line strainer to protect the rotor
  • Maximum working temperature of 50ºC
  • Maximum working pressure of 16 bar

    Elster H4000 water meter brochure

   Elster H4000 water meter specification sheet 


Elster H5000

The H5000 is the next generation of Woltmann (Turbine) bulk water meters from Elster. With a range of important features, H5000 represents the very highest performance in bulk flow water metering making it ideally suited to both billing and water distribution applications. Available in seven sizes for flow rates between 40 l/h and 200 m3/h. The H5000 meter has an advanced electronic register which includes integrated communications covering a range of industry standard outputs compatible with common AMR/AMI systems and data-logging equipment.

  • Wide measuring range R1500+
  • Retro-fit mechanism into the H4000 bodyElster Honeywell H5000 Water Meter
  • Uses innovative measuring technology
  • Electronic register includes an integrated communications cable
  • Electronic register pre-equipped for AMR/AMI with pulse, encoder, Aquabus, M - Bus, L – Bus outputs
  • Value adding AMR/AMI style features such as flowrate display, data-logging, leak detection, tamper alarms and tariffing
  • Approved to the last European Directive 2004/22/EC
  • Maximum working temperature of 50 C
  • Maximum working pressure of 16 bar

    Elster H5000 water meter brochure

   Elster H5000 water meter specification sheet 


 The Honeywell Water Control Guide can be downloaded as a PDF here:

   Honeywell Water Control Guide

To request a brochure on any of our products or for enquiries of a sales or technical nature please use the form below. 


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