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Considerable amounts of water and energy can be saved, at a low cost, at the wash basin without any reduction in comfort and effectiveness. It makes good sense, then, to change over to taps with Long-Life aerators. Aside from the fact that it pays for itself quickly, the Long-Life aerator is characterised by its excellent water flow, durability and ease of maintenance. It‘s often easy to underestimate the effect of dripping taps - just one dripping tap can waste several thousand litres of potable water per year.

Water flowReduced Flow (RF) Aerator
...the economical, comfortable spray

The reduced flow aerator features a pressure-sensitive membrane, a special distributor disc and patented, characteristic coarse filter. The membrane reduces the pressure of the water flow, then the distributor disc increases the speed of the water, drawing in much more air than conventional aerator sprays. The air makes the aerator noticeably more gentle with the water flow which gives a comfortable and even water distribution pattern.


Long life aeratorTo look at, there is no difference between the water coming from a reduced flow aerator and a normal aerator spray, despite the fact that it saves more water. Depending on the version installed, the Long-Life aerator saves between 40 and 60% more water and energy than the conventional aerator. Used daily, the reduced aerator pays for itself in water and energy costs in just a few weeks.

Because of its unique design, the reduced flow Long-Life aerator is self-cleaning and unlikely to get blocked. Dirt particles passing through the fine, stainless-steel inlet filter come right out the other end through the coarse filter. Because the stream of water is centrally focussed in the system, large particles that do not pass through the fine filter cannot affect the spray as it exits the nozzle.



Aerator with hoseOne unmistakable feature of the Long-Life aerator is its convex, stainless-steel, outlet filter. With conventional aerator sprays, water remains in the fine filter after the tap has been turned off, leading to calcium deposits through evaporation. The patented design of the coarse filter in the Long-Life aerator allows remaining water to drip out easier and faster. This results in tangible advantages when it comes to calcification and hygiene. Even if, under extreme conditions, calcium does build up at the outlet filter, it can be removed easily using a wire brush. And you won‘t damage the sturdy filter.

                • Pays for itself quickly
                • Full, aerated water stream
                • Long service life
                • Minimal calcification
                • Easy maintenance

Constant Flow Aerator (CF)

Aerators with isoflowThe constant flow aerator incorporates the latest design in aerator control technology including a patented system called isoflow, a system also integrated into our water saving showerheads.

The constant flow aerator is a development from the very successful reduced flow long life aerator range. A range that has been used successfully in commercial applications within the UK and extensively in hotel chains across Europe and in the Middle East 


 Isoflow technology - flow control for shower heads and aerators


Within a conventional flow regulator the water comes into contact with the O-ring which acts as an active regulation component. It is therefore subject to wear from the water passing through the regulator along with any debris that is being carried in the water.

The Isoflow design is different and unique in that it protects the O-ring within the device from the water and ensures water flow is precisely controlled whilst having a vandal resistant, long service life. It keeps the water flow constant independent of water pressure once the pre-determined limit is reached.

As can be seen from the cross section the water flow is passed through the isoflow without coming into contact with the water itself.

Water flow can be maintained at - 10 l/min, 8 l/min or 7 l/min depending on desired volume usage and which isoflow insert is specified.


Water saving aerators - applications

  • Schools
  • Sports facilities
  • Universities
  • Gyms
  • Industrial washrooms
  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Care homes
  • Commercial kitchens
Water conservation

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