Shower Accessories - Hoses and drain valves

Shower dump valve

Areoflex is an automatic drain valve that can be fitted to shower valves that are connected to flexible shower hoses and hand held showerheads. The valve opens automatically once the shower valve is turned off and any residual water is able to drain from the hose and out through the valve. As the hose is vented and water is not trapped between the valve and the shower head it will dry quickly reducing the opportunity for bacteria to grow.

The Areoflex is installed in between the shower valve and the shower hose and incorporates a rotary connector which makes the hose easier to use and maximises the life of the hose by helping to prevent it from getting kinks and becoming damaged.

The combination of the Novolux, Flex-Agraff and Areoflex is ideally suited for use within a care home environment where bacteria control and water saving are of paramount importance.

Shower hose

Shower hoses

Flex-Agraff - Stainless steel shower hose with silicone lining.

The Flex-Agraff  is a robust shower hose made from stainless steel. Able to extend up to 40% in length it is durable and can resist pressure of up to 5 bar at normal temperatures.

The design both improves flexibility and resists kinks while the use of a silicone liner within the hose restricts bacteria growth and biofilm development

  • Robust
  • High pressure tolerance
  • Resistant to kinks and twists
  • Hygienic
  • Long service life


Shower accessories - applications

  • University student accommodation
  • Hotels
  • Care homes
Water conservation

Rodin offer a comprehensive range of water conservation  products details of which can be found here:

Save water, money and help the environment

Falcon Velocity cartridge

Falcon Velocity - waterless replacement cartridges

Genuine Falcon Velocity waterless urinal replacement cartridges available from stock from an approved Falcon distributor based in the UK. The new Velocity cartridges fit Armitage Aridian waterless urinals that use the Falcon housing.

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Falcon Lava Urinal


Waterless urinals made by Falcon Waterfree

Genuine Falcon waterless/waterfree urinals available from stock from an approved Falcon distributor based in the UK.

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Falcon High Performance Key Valve

Falcon High Performance Key-Valve - waterless replacement valves

Genuine Falcon High Performance Key-Valves for waterless urinals available from stock from an approved Falcon distributor based in the UK.

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Water saving shower haed

Water saving showers

Full shower systems are available as well as retrofit shower heads suitable for both fixed and hand-held shower heads. Consumption can be limited with some models with patented isoflow technology.

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Water saving taps and Aerators

Water saving TMV3 and standard mixer taps are available for a range of commercial applications. Long life and constant flow aerators, using patented isoflow technology, can be supplied to retrofit existing taps.

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