• Scale-Buster - physical water conditioner
    ScaleBuster - Decalcification/Corrosion protection
    ScaleBuster is a physical water conditioner that uses a hydrodynamic process with electrostatic and galvanic action to inhibit and removes scale while providing corrosion protection

    Installed in industrial, commercial and domestic sites worldwide
  • Falcon High Performance Key Valve (HPKV)
    Falcon High Performance Key Valve (HPKV)
    Falcon's high performance key valve (HPKV) has double the flow rate of other dry valves and uses a patent-pending Bell Valve technology to provide safe, long lasting, low odour performance.
  • Commercial Back Wash filters
    Honeywell - Back Wash filtration water treatment
    A patented reverse rinsing filter system from Honeywell ensures clean water is supplied at all times . A fine stainless steel mesh filters out particles which prevents pitting corrosion to the pipework and ensures performance of the system
  • Falcon Velocity replacement cartridges
    Falcon Velocity cartridges and Flax urinals
    Waterless urinals can save over 100,000 litres of water a year compared to water flushing urinals.

    Falcon are a world leader and have installations around the world from Barcelona Football Club to Beijing International Airport.

  • Water saving shower heads
    Water saving showers
    Save water and money and by investing in water saving shower technology from Rodin

    Isoflow technology limits consumption in a range of fixed and hand held shower heads. Can be used in applications from fitness centres to healthcare.
  • Water saving aerators for taps
    Water saving aerators for taps
    Constant Flow Aerators with patented isoflow technology are an easy retrofit solution to save water and money. Installation is simple and payback periods are very short.

    Design reduces the effects of lime-scale and maximizes the service life.
  • Rodin UV Systems for Building Services
    Rodin Ultra Violet Disinfection
    Rodin's system uses green ultra violet technology to combat and protect against bacteria, viruses and pathogens

    It is fully automatic, cannot be over-dosed and is effective with either a single pass or re-circulating flow. It is environmentally friendly as no by-products are created during use while also reducing the need for chemical disinfection
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    Titanium AOP 50 - twin installation
    Skanska were keen to implement the environmentally friendly Titanium AOP system, supplied by the Rodin Group, at the Royal London Hospital where innovation and utilising new ideas are part of the hospitals core values. The two AOP 50 units have been installed in parallel to provide the level of treatment required by Skanska in a demanding and prestigious hospital environment.

Water Treatment and Conservation Solutions from The Rodin Group

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The Rodin Group is following latest government advice and our staff are now working from home to protect themselves, their families and the wider community to help protect the NHS. All e-mails are being monitored and we are continuing to provide quotations and technical advice to customers by phone (or Skype etc) as required.

At the current time we are still able to despatch products held in stock via our usual carrier FedEx. This situation is under continuous review.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss any enquiries you may have or even just for a chat! We are doing are best to support you all in what is the most exceptional of circumstances.


The Rodin Group Limited promotes environmentally friendly solutions in the two areas of Water Treatment and Water Conservation. Links to specific products within those areas can be accessed directly by clicking on the text below:

ScaleBuster SF200Our range of products are suitable for commercial and industrial markets, where high water volume usage takes place. These sectors lend themselves to be the areas where the greatest water and energy savings can be achieved.

From the ION ScaleBuster physical water conditioner to the Rodin Ultraviolet (UV) systems we look for innovative products that save energy and are not detrimental to the wider environment. Both products are WRAS approved.

ION ScaleBuster is environmentally friendly in that it requires no power or chemicals to operate and is a 'fit and forget' solution to physical water conditioning both in terms of scale protection for hard water areas and corrosion prevention for soft water areas.

We are pleased to confirm that the entire ION ScaleBuster product range is now available in Building Information Modelling (BIM) file format. The use of BIM will provide significant benefits during the design, construction and ultimately management of a wide range of building projects.

To download the BIM files please click on the link below to select the model required:

ION ScaleBuster BIM files

Rodin's UV system is a water treatment system that uses UV light and a steel reaction chamber to disinfect water containing harmful bacteria, including Legionella, Cryptosporidium and Pseudomonas, within water systems.

Rodin are also proud to specify and supply Honeywell  water control products including:

  • Honeywell's backwash filter range

Click on water treatment to see the full Rodin range.

Click on the links below to see entries in recent publication:   

  School Building - ION Scalebuster

Our water conservation range includes:

Falcon Lava UrinalWaterless urinals by Falcon Waterfree along with the replacement cartridges and accessories. Save up to 100,000 litres of water a year per urinal and reduce carbon emissions by cutting demand for potable water that is used to flush urinals. Falcon have now launched the new Velocity cartridge  which replaces the old Sealtrap and is compatible with all Falcon and Amitage Aridian waterless urinals.

Water saving TMV3 approved shower systems that have been successfully used over a prolonged period to time to save water for commercial organisations such as gyms and health clubs. New isoflow designs ensure water consumption is capped once a given level has been reached.

Water saving taps and aerators that can either be retrofitted or installed in new build situations.

Click on water conservation to see the full Rodin range.


Falcon case studies in the UK

Falcon technology has been used in commercial washrooms within the UK and Europe for over a decade. We are pleased to share a recent study where the technology has been used in a busy location in the UK:

   Hilton Hotel Dartford Case Study


We supply housing associations, councils and the Ministry of Defence amongst others where maintenance costs can be high and in many instances can be significantly reduced.

The Rodin Group prides itself on delivering excellent technical support on the products we specify and supply. Our external sales team and internal support staff are able to provide a friendly and efficient response to all enquiries across the product range.

To request a brochure on any of our products or for enquiries of a sales or technical nature please use the form below.


SoPHE Industrial Associate

Rodin product range

Rodin offer a comprehensive range of water treatment  products details of which can be found here:


ION ScaleBuster - scale control and corrosion protection

ION ScaleBuster is a patented physical water conditioner that can deal with both hard and soft water. It has no annual running costs, is environmentally friendly and is easy to install in a wide range of applications.

Rodin offer a comprehensive range of water conservation  products details of which can be found here:

Water saving shower haed

Save water, money and help the environment 

Water saving showers

Full shower systems are available as well as retrofit shower heads suitable for both fixed and hand-held shower heads. Consumption can be limited with some models with patented isoflow technology.

find out more

Falcon Velocity cartridge

Falcon Velocity - waterless replacement cartridges

Genuine Falcon Velocity waterless urinal replacement cartridges available from stock from an approved Falcon distributor based in the UK. The new Velocity cartridges fit Armitage Aridian waterless urinals that use the Falcon housing.

find out more about waterless cartridges and accessories

Falcon Lava Urinal

Waterless urinals made by Falcon Waterfree

Genuine Falcon waterless/waterfree urinals available from stock from an approved Falcon distributor based in the UK.

find out more about Falcon waterless urinals

Water saving taps and Aerators

Water saving TMV3 and standard mixer taps are available for a range of commercial applications. Long life and constant flow aerators, using patented isoflow technology, can be supplied to retrofit existing taps.

find out more about aerators

find out more about taps

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