RV06167 replacement cartridge for Armitage Shanks and Ideal Standard Aquanil Range

The Armitage Shanks or Ideal Standard Aquanil™ range of waterless urinals are fitted with a High Performance Cartridge that incorporates a high performance valve and fragrance ring. The Armitage Shanks Aquanil™ range includes the following models: Falcon High Performance Key Valve

  • Contour HygenIQ 67cm Waterless Urinal Bowl
  • Profile 21 65cm Waterless Urinal Bowl
  • Sanura HygenIQ 40cm Waterless Urinal Bowl
  • Sanura HygenIQ 50cm Waterless Urinal Bowl

The valve is a  robust, high performance dry valve developed by Falcon Waterfree to address an issue that valves can drain too slowly.

Falcon High Performance Key Valve Cross Section

Through their patent-pending Bell Valve the HPKV technology it provides safe, long lasting, low odour performance. Since the introduction of the original Key-Valve® technology, there have been many improvements incorporated into the design that sets the cartridges apart from the rest. The latest design follows that same path and includes patent-pending features to provide the best sealing, flow and anti odour performance for our customers.   

The green fragrance ring has a dual role - to provide a pleasant fragrance but also to act as a visual indicator for when it is item for the cartridge to be replaced. Once the fragrance ring has been consumed simply replace with a new cartridge and ring. The cartridge has an estimated life of 7,000 usages. 

HPKV Changeout Key
The High-Performance Key-Valve® incorporates a green Key-Ring which not only helps to ensure your waterless urinal operates effectively but it also gives a visual indicator as to when the Key-Valve needs changing.

There are a few simple steps that need to be followed as shown on the link to the PDF below. You need to ensure you have the correct Key-Valve Changeout Key to hand as these are supplied separately from the new Aquanil valve.

  • Replacement cartridge - part number RV06167
  • Changeout key - part number RV05967 - available separately

They can be purchased directly by clicking on the link above from our e-commerce website:


Alternatively above please contact us by phone on 01795 423400 for a competitive quote. We can accept payment by credit card and hold stock for next-day delivery across most of the UK.

Download further information on the Aquanil High-Performance Key Valve using the links below:
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RV06167 High-Performance Key Valve - Changeout Key and change procedure

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