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ION ScaleBuster® - Industrial

ION ScaleBuster® is designed to cause precipitation of calcium carbonate into the water stream. This is as a result of the breakdown of the bicarbonate into carbon dioxide, water and carbonate due to the effects created within the ION ScaleBuster® itself. The particles which are formed in the water stream act as nuclei for the formation of further scale when the water is heated. In this way, scale deposition upon heating surfaces is minimised.

When a salt is precipitated from solution it results in a relatively less saturated solution remaining. The less saturated water is then able to dissolve and break down existing scale from pipe surfaces enabling it to be flushed from the system.

ION ScaleBuster® - 150 mm - 6''

ISB SF150 | ION SB150-EF-16

ION ScaleBuster® - 125 mm - 5''

ISB SF125 | ION SB125-EF-16

ION ScaleBuster® - 100 mm - 4''

ISB SF100 | ION SB100-EF-16

ION ScaleBuster® - 75 mm - 3''

ISB SF75 | ION SB80-EF-16

ION ScaleBuster® - 65 mm - 2½''

ISB SF65 | ION SB65-EF-16
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