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Ultraviolet (UV) Systems

UVC light has the ability to cause permanent damage to a wide variety of organisms in water, air, and other fluids. UV light is a physical, non-intrusive method of ensuring that organisms are unable to replicate, and hence remain inert. In addition to disinfection, a correctly sized UV system can also be used for de-chlorination and to de-ozonate process water.

UV does not effect the taste, colour, or ph of the fluid being disinfected, and as such the technique is often used where conventional disinfection with chlorine cannot be applied, such as within a brewery, soft drinks plant, pharmaceutical facility, fish farm or environmentally sensitive application.

The UV lamps utilised in our units generate high intensity energy within this germicidal region, which makes them particularly suitable for disinfecting potable and domestic drinking water.

Validated UV Systems - Multi Lamp

D100 D150 D210 D300 D390 D440

Validated UV Systems

V100 V110 V120 V130 V140 V150 V160 V170 V180 V190 V200 V220
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