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Falcon Velocity Cartridge Cut AwayWater is a precious resource and the world spends large amounts of time and energy in processing and transporting water that it is fit for human consumption to buildings where it is then used to flush urinals. There is an alternative to wasting water in this way - the waterless or waterfree urinal. Depending on an existing installation up to 150,000 litres or water could be saved annually from replace a single water flushed urinal with a waterless one. 

The Rodin Group has promoted water saving for many years and work with Falcon Waterfree Technology as a distributor for their range of waterless urinals, Velocity™ cartridges and accessories. Falcon have been involved in the promotion and supply of waterfree urinals for many years and The Rodin Group are pleased to be able to work with an organisation dedicated to reducing water consumption around the world.

The Falcon range of urinals have been successfully installed in prestigious locations around the world for many years including:

  • Barcelona FC football stadium (2006) - Spain
  • Middlesbrough FC football stadium (2014) - UK
  • Miami Dolphins American football stadium, Florida (2004) - USA
  • LA Dodgers baseball stadium, Los Angeles (2007) - USA
  • Universities of Hamburg and Stuttgart - Germany
  • Kent University - UK
  • Savoy Theatre - UK
  • Taj Mahal - India
  • Beijing International airport - China
  • Bank of America building , New York - USA
  • Adobe System HQ, California - USA
  • US Green Building Council HQ, Washington DC - USA

Falcon case studies in the UK

Falcon technology has been used in commercial washrooms within the UK and Europe for over a decade. We are pleased to share a recent study where the technology has been used in a busy location in the UK:

   Hilton Hotel Dartford Case Study


Falcon Lava UrinalWe stock the Falcon Lava which is available as either a back drain or bottom drain version. The back drain is suitable for new installations or those where access panels will be used to conceal pipework. The bottom drain is suitable for retrofit installations or where the pipework is exposed below the urinals.

The Falcon Lava is fitted with the Falcon patented housing which provides a precise fit with the ceramic bowl and into which the new Velocity™ cartridge is securely fitted thanks to the use of three slots in the housing and corresponding lugs located on the outside of the cartridge. The cartridge can only be removed or fitted with the tool provided with the replacement cartridge. It is essential that seals between the housing and the bowl and the housing and the cartridge are sound to ensure odour-free operation and maximum hygiene. A Falcon urinal contains all three elements that have been designed by the manufacturer to work correctly together. 

The Falcon Waterfree system removes most of the other equipment associated with such installations, including: pipework, cisterns, flush controls and sensors. These are not only costly to initially install but also incur annual maintenance costs. In addition faulty elements can lead to urinals either leaking continually or flushing more regularly than required. In a waterless urinal installation none of  these things can occur.

 A data sheets for the Lava urinal can be download from the link below.

Falcon Lava - Data Sheet

An introduction to and how to maintain Falcon Waterfree urinals

VIDEO: Introduction to Waterless UrinalsVIDEO: Maintenance of Falcon Waterless Urinals






If you would like to purchase:

  • Falcon waterfree urinals
  • Replacement cartridges for either Falcon or Armitage Aridian waterless urinals
  • Heavy duty keys or
  • Allseal sachets

They can be purchased directly from our ecommerce website:


We hold stock for next day delivery across most of the UK.

Falcon waterfree urinals - applications

  • Schools
  • Sports facilities
  • Universities
  • Stadiums - football, rugby, athletics etc
  • Hotels
  • Pubs and clubs
  • Service stations
  • Airports
Water conservation

Rodin offer a comprehensive range of water conservation  products details of which can be found here:

Save water, money and help the environment 

Falcon High Performance Key Valve

Falcon High Performance Key-Valve - waterless replacement valves

Genuine Falcon High Performance Key-Valves for waterless urinals available from stock from an approved Falcon distributor based in the UK.

find out more about Falcon High Performance Key-Valves by clicking this link

Falcon Velocity cartridge

Falcon Velocity - waterless replacement cartridges

Genuine Falcon Velocity waterless urinal replacement cartridges available from stock from an approved Falcon distributor based in the UK. The new Velocity cartridges fit Armitage Aridian waterless urinals that use the Falcon housing.

find out more about waterless cartridges and accessories by clicking this link

Falcon Lava Urinal


Waterless urinals made by Falcon Waterfree

Genuine Falcon waterless/waterfree urinals available from stock from an approved Falcon distributor based in the UK.

find out more about Falcon waterless urinals by clicking this link

Water saving shower haed

Water saving showers

Full shower systems are available as well as retrofit shower heads suitable for both fixed and hand-held shower heads. Consumption can be limited with some models with patented isoflow technology.

find out more about water saving showerheads by clicking this lonk

Water saving taps and Aerators

Water saving TMV3 and standard mixer taps are available for a range of commercial applications. Long life and constant flow aerators, using patented isoflow technology, can be supplied to retrofit existing taps.

find out more about aerators by clicking this link

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