Ultraviolet bacteria control

Ultraviolet disinfection of drinking/potable water

Ultraviolet disinfecton

Over 100 years ago German scientists discovered that the top surface of lake-water was sterile when exposed to sunlight. Investigation led to the discovery of Ultraviolet light. Situated in the electro-magnetic spectrum between X-rays and visible light, Ultraviolet (UV) light has many beneficial properties. UV light is split into four main categories, UV-A, UV-B, UV-C, and Vacuum UV. The area between 240 and 280 nanometres (nm) is UV-C, commonly known as the germicidal region.

UVC light has the ability to cause permanent damage to a wide variety of organisms in water, air, and other fluids. UV light is a physical, nonintrusive method of ensuring that organisms are unable to replicate, and hence remain inert. In addition to disinfection, a correctly sized UV system can also be used for de-chlorination and to de-ozonate process water.


Ultraviolet disinfecton

UV does not effect the taste, colour, or ph of the fluid being disinfected, and as such the technique is often used where conventional disinfection with chlorine cannot be applied, such as within a brewery, soft drinks plant, pharmaceutical facility, fish farm or environmentally sensitive application.

The UV lamps utilised in our units generate high intensity energy within this germicidal region, which makes them particularly suitable for disinfecting potable and domestic drinking water.


There are environmental benefits of specifying and installing a Rodin UV system because:

  • It is environmentally friendly as no by-products are produced
  • No chemicals are added to the water which reduces the risk of corrosion to pipework and valves
  • There is no storage and handling of chemicals on-site and the associated COSHH requirements
  • There are reduced maintenance and servicing requirements
  • The system operates with fail-safe controlsUltrodin Ultra Violet bacteria control
  • The system has full WRAS approval for drinking water supplies
  • The system is validated according to EN 14897
  • The power consumption of system is low


You can download a copy of the Rodin Ultraviolet (UV) brochure via the link below:

    Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection - Brochure

Ultraviolet disinfecton

Rodin's range is a high quality, WRAS approved design that is manufactured to cover a wide range of flow rates. Full technical sales and after sales support is available along with ongoing maintenance for the systems.

The units can be monitored and controlled so as to integrate with building management systems if required.   


Ultraviolet Disinfection - applications

  • Potable water
  • Waste water
  • Swimming pools
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Aquaculture
  • Electronics
  • Food & beverage
  • Horticulture
  • Process water
  • Air conditioning
  • Cooling & heating
  • Water features
  • Ice makers & vending

Rodin offer a comprehensive range of water treatment  products details of which can be found here:


ION ScaleBuster - scale control and corrosion protection

ION ScaleBuster® is a patented physical water conditioner that can deal with both hard and soft water. It has no annual running costs, is environmentally friendly and is easy to install in a wide range of applications.

ScaleBuster WRAS Approved

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