Honeywell Valves for Building Services

Honeywell valves are used across many applications in domestic and commercial buildings. They regulate, direct or control the flow of water. The Honeywell range is comprehensive and includes

  • Motorised Valves
  • Thermostatic Radiator ValvesHoneywell
  • Bypass Valves
  • Heating Systems Valves,
  • Pressure Reducing Valves
  • Thermostatic Mixing Valves
  • Backflow Preventers

The Rodin Group is able to provide a range of commercial valves that meet most applications:

Honeywell pressure reducing valvesPressure Reducing Valve

This range of valves can prevent damage that can be caused by excessive supply pressures in drinking water systems. Through effective use of pressure-reducing valves, water consumption can be reduced, saving money and natural resources.




Honeywell pilot operated valves

Pilot Operated Valves regulate water pressure, protecting systems from pressure damage and reducing flow noise. They will help prevent areas from unacceptable excess pressure. They are ideal for both commercial and industrial applications, where space is limited.




Thermal Balancing ValvesHoneywell balancing valves

Balancing Valves limit the flow of water through circulation pipes, reducing energy consumption and noise.

Honeywell manufactures and supplies a range of balancing valves for all applications. They allow for high precision fine flow adjustment and differential pressure control.



Honeywell thermostatic mixing valvesThermostatic Mixing Valve

Honeywell TMVs can be selected with confidence to provide safe control of hot water temperatures, providing safety for bathing and washing facilities in hospitals and other buildings.

Easy to install with minimum alteration to existing pipework, Honeywell TMVs can slow down the build up of scale and are manufactured to exceptional quality standards.


Honeywell backflow preventers

Backflow preventers protect drinking water quality in parts of a system that are at risk.

Honeywell manufactures a range of devices from simple check valves to the more complex reduced pressure zone BA device. These can help reduce the risk of backflow, back siphonage, and backpressure of contaminated water.

On completion of an installation, the backflow preventer must be commissioned by an approved tester before putting it into use and thereafter tested annually to meet the requirements of the water regulations.


The Honeywell Water Control Guide can be downloaded as a PDF here:

   Honeywell Water Control Guide


Each of the above product areas is covered in more detail under the relevant section of this site.

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