Ion ScaleBuster - decalcification and corrosion protection

ION ScaleBuster® - ISB® technology is an hydrodynamic process with electro-static and galvanic action

ION ScaleBuster® is a patented physical water conditioner designed to inhibit scale developing and remove scale already within a system, together with providing corrosion protection.

The  WRAS approved ION ScaleBuster® unit has been installed successfully in the UK for over 25 years and has been specified by many of the UK’s leading design consultancies.

The ION ScaleBuster® unit conditions hard water (preventing lime-scale build up) by combining a number of actions that culminate in the scientifically proven method of zinc release in the form of zinc ions. It does not contain magnets or involve any sort of magnetic process.

ScaleBuster family

ION ScaleBuster® - scale inhibiting and removal

ION ScaleBuster® is designed to cause precipitation of calcium carbonate into the water stream. This is as a result of the breakdown of the bicarbonate into carbon dioxide, water and carbonate due to the effects created within the ION ScaleBuster® itself. The particles which are formed in the water stream act as nuclei for the formation of further scale when the water is heated. In this way, scale deposition upon heating surfaces is minimised.

When a salt is precipitated from solution it results in a relatively less saturated solution remaining. The less saturated water is then able to dissolve and breakdown existing scale from pipe surfaces enabling it to be flushed from the system.


ScaleBuster installation

ION ScaleBuster® - corrosion protection

The zinc anode within ION ScaleBuster® allows microscopic amounts of zinc ions to be released and to permeate the water stream. This not only enhances the nucleisation effects but also provides protection from corrosion to the pipework itself.

Corrosion is caused by aggressive radicals in water such as chlorides and sulphates which, in the presence of oxygen, attack metals to varying degrees. Since zinc is more reactive than iron and copper, the zinc is more likely to be attacked and thus the system is protected.

Further details on the ability of the ION ScaleBuster® to inhibit and remove scale and provide corrosion protection can be found within our brochure which can be requested via the enquiry form on the home page.



ION ScaleBuster® - benefits and implications


  • Can be installed before the cold water storage tank saving cost by reducing the size of unit required
  • Conditioning effect is not lost over time as scale particles are bonded to the zinc nucleiScaleBuster SF200
  • Can be installed before or after the booster set . Installation before the booster set protects the pumps as the turbulence does not reduce the conditioning effect
  • No control panel is required and therefore PCB malfunction cannot occur
  • No power supply is required resulting in reduced installation and running costs
  • Standard sizes from 15mm to 200mm (70 l/s) are available with larger sizes avaialble on request
  • Life expectancy is in excess 20 years during which time no maintenance or replacement parts are required
  • ScaleBuster® is WRAS approved
  • ScaleBuster® has been designed and is manufactured in a UK factory with ISO 9001 certification
  • ScaleBuster® prevents and removes limescale in hard water areas but also prevents corrosion in soft water areas
  • ScaleBuster® is compact and can be fitted in a new or retro-fit situation
  • ScaleBuster® reduces the habitat where bacteria grow and hence reduces the risk of legionella contamination
  • ScaleBuster® coagulates suspended particles making the particles easier to remove by filtration

You can download a copy of the ION ScaleBuster® brochure via the link below:

    ION ScaleBuster - Brochure

ION ScaleBuster® case studies

ScaleBuster®  have been used in commercial applications within the UK for over 25 years as well in Europe and the Far East. We are pleased to share a couple of case studies from customers who have used the product over considerable periods of time:

   Kensington & Chelsea TMO ScaleBuster Case Study

  Brighton University ScaleBuster Case Study

  James Hornsby School Case Study

ION ScaleBuster®  have been used not just in the  UK but in Europe and worldwide. A list of international case studies can be found from the link below

ION ScaleBuster International Case Studies

  Beer Manufacturing ScaleBuster Case Study

   Cheese Manufacturing ScaleBuster Case Study

  Chocolate Manufacturing ScaleBuster Case Study

ION ScaleBuster® clients

 ION ScaleBuster®  has been used by leading companies around the world including:

  • Hilton
  • Sheraton
  • Commerzbank
  • Hyundai Korea
  • NASA
  • Ministry of Defence

A more extensive list can be found at the link below:

ION ScaleBuster International Clients

ION ScaleBuster® BIM files now available

We are pleased to confirm that the entire ION ScaleBuster product range is now available in Building Information Modelling (BIM) file format. The use of BIM will provide significant benefits during the design, construction and ultimately management of a wide range of building projects.

To download the BIM files please click on the link below to select the model required or contact the office and we will be happy to e-mail them to you:

ION ScaleBuster BIM files

How does ION ScaleBuster® actually work?

To see how the product works click on the link below 


 Technical animated diagram using Flash (note this will not work on Apple hardware including iPads and Macbooks):

ION ScaleBuster® installation instructions

ION ScaleBuster® should be installed in accordance with the manufacturer's installation instructions full details of which can be found from the following link:

ION ScaleBuster Installation Instructions

ION ScaleBuster® warranty information

The warranty information in respect of ION ScaleBuster® can be found from the following link:

ION ScaleBuster Warranty Information


ScaleBuster Hologram

ION ScaleBuster® hologram - the sign of a genuine product


 Only genuine ION ScaleBuster® units feature this special hologram on their label.

Make sure you have the genuine article installed to provide proper protection to you systems and equipment


ION ScaleBuster® - applications

  • Potable water
  • Process applications – food & beverage industry - including brewing, cheese and chocolate manufacturing
  • Cooling towers - as part of the Envirotower system

Rodin offer a comprehensive range of water treatment products details of which can be found here.

Honeywell Backwash Filters

Backwash filters

One of the benefits of the ION ScaleBuster® is that it helps to produce larger particles that are then easier to remove by filtration.

Details of our backwash filters can be found here.

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