Rodin Literature, Technical Information and Case Studies

The Rodin Group Limited specifies and promotes a range of both water treatment and water conservation products. We have a number of brochures as well as technical information which is set out below along with case studies that can be downloaded as required. 

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Water treatment

  • ION Scale-Buster® physical water conditioning (decalcification and

    description of the image

    corrosion protection)

    ION ScaleBuster - Brochure

    Kensington & Chelsea TMO ION ScaleBuster Case Study

    Brighton University ION ScaleBuster Case Study

    James Hornsby School ION ScaleBuster Case Study



  • Ultrodin - Ultra Violet (UV ) disinfectionUltra violet disinfection system

    Ultrodin Ultra Violet (UV) - Brochure

    Ultrodin Synergy 1 Control Panel - Brochure

    Ultrodin Synergy 2 Control Panel - Brochure

    Ultrodin Synergy 3 Control Panel - Brochure



  • Honeywell - Back Wash FilterHoneywell Back Wash Filter

    Honeywell Back Wash Filter (Threaded) - Brochure

    Honeywell Back Wash Filter (Flanged) - Brochure





Water Conservation

The Rodin Group has continued to develop its water conservation range which now incorporates the following products:


    Water Conservation - Complete Brochure Falcon Velocity cartridge


  • Falcon Waterless/Waterfree urinals, Falcon Velocity replacement cartridges and accessories

    Falcon Lava Waterless Urinal - Brochure

    Falcon Velocity Cartridge - Datasheet

    Falcon High Performance Key Valve (HPKV) - Datasheet

    Allseal Liquid - Material datasheet

Falcon Lava Waterfree Urinal


 Falcon case studies in the UK

Falcon technology has been used in commercial washrooms within the UK and Europe for over a decade. We are pleased to share a recent study where the technology has been used in a busy location in the UK


   Hilton Hotel Dartford Case Study




  • Shower systems incorporating fixed and hand-held showerheads

    Profilence showerhead  - BrochureProfilence Showerhead

    NovoSix showerhead - Brochure

     NovoLux showerhead - Brochure




TMV3 Tap

  • Taps and aerators

    TMV3 Tap - Brochure

    Infra Red WRAS Approved Tap - Brochure

    Water Saving Mixer Tap - Brochure



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