Water saving TMV3 shower systems

Bristan mini shower valve

Water saving whilst showering

Contrary to what most people believe, water resources in the UK are finely balanced when taking into account consumption per capita and a population of 60 million people, which is continually increasing. This could deteriorate should predicted climate change come to fruition.

Consumption per capita in the UK is double that of our European counterparts, with only half the resources. Our water costs will rise continually as investment is necessary to cope with increased demand in the water supply and waste networks in addition to renewing elements of an ageing network delivery system.

On average commercial water costs (for supply and sewage) range between £2 per mand  over £5 per m3 depending on the water company provider.

But who wants cold showers?

Depending on the heating system used, outlays for the provision of hot water (energy) are often higher than the costs for the supply and disposal of potable water. In hotels, for example, some 13 per cent of energy consumption goes towards the provision of hot water, about 75 per cent for heating and cooling, and the rest for other uses such as kitchen equipment, cleaning equipment and lighting.

The Rodin Group offer a full range of water and energy-efficient, individual and group, thermostatic mixer controlled shower products, which comply with TMV3 scheme specifications. Anti-vandal systems and panel showers are also available for demanding installations such as leisure centres.

Cost in use

The Rodin Group’s complete range of water and energy-saving products provides considerable cost benefits over traditional sanitaryware. The water-saving shower heads achieve water and energy savings of up to 50%. This is achieved by regulating the water flow and then accelerating the restricted volume to the delivery velocity, atomising the water. This has the effect of increasing the surface area of the water volume delivered out of the shower head and providing an invigorating and satisfying shower..

The relentless upward trend in water and energy prices means that water conservation measures in commercial establishments such as hotels and hospitals are now seen as an effective means of lowering costs. The resultant savings mean that payback periods for investment are measure in months rather than years. Ask one of the team to provide a consumption comparison between your existing system and a Rodin water saving system.


Mini shower valve range - TS1203

Mini Valve TS1203

  • Single sequential control for temperature and flow for easy operation
  • TMV3 approved gives assured testing of product to highest standard and use in school/NHS/care home applications
  • Automatic thermostatic shut off in the event of hot or cold supply failure prevents scalding
  • Operates with pressure of 0.2 bar and above which is suitable for gravity and boosted systems
  • Check valves and serviceable filters are included as standard to prevent debris from damaging the valve
  • Lever version only for exposed valve
  • Lever and handwheel available for concealed valve
  • Concealed and exposed versions available for maximum flexibility
  • Warranty period - 1 year

  Exposed mini valve - TS1203 - with leverTMV3

  Concealed mini valve - TS1203 - with handle

  Concealed mini valve - TS1203 - with lever


Rodin Vandal Resistant panel shower

Vandal resistant TMV3 panel shower

  • Slimline robust design
  • Integral thermostatic valve reduces deadleg and risk of legionella
  • Single sequential control for both temperature and flow
  • Vandal resistant showerhead with adjustable spray trajectory and a choice of spray rings
  • Fits to ceiling, leaving no exposed pipework
  • HP-S High pressure shower
  • LP-S Low pressure shower
  • Minimum pressure drop: 0.5 bar
  • Maximum dynamic pressure: 5 bar
  • Maximum static pressure: 10 barTMV3
  • Factory preset temperature: 43ºC
  • Maximum hot water supply





Water saving TMV3 shower systems - applications

  • Schools
  • Sports facilities
  • Universities
  • Gyms
  • Industrial changing/showering facilities
  • Hotels
  • Care homes
  • Hospitals
Water conservation

Rodin offer a comprehensive range of water conservation  products details of which can be found here:

Save water, money and help the environment 

Falcon High Performance Key Valve

Falcon High Performance Key-Valve - waterless replacement valves

Genuine Falcon High Performance Key-Valves for waterless urinals available from stock from an approved Falcon distributor based in the UK.

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Falcon Velocity cartridge

Falcon Velocity - waterless replacement cartridges

Genuine Falcon Velocity waterless urinal replacement cartridges available from stock from an approved Falcon distributor based in the UK. The new Velocity cartridges fit Armitage Aridian waterless urinals that use the Falcon housing.

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Falcon Lava Urinal


Waterless urinals made by Falcon Waterfree

Genuine Falcon waterless/waterfree urinals available from stock from an approved Falcon distributor based in the UK.

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Water saving shower haed

Water saving showers

Full shower systems are available as well as retrofit shower heads suitable for both fixed and hand-held shower heads. Consumption can be limited with some models with patented isoflow technology.

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Water saving taps and Aerators

Water saving TMV3 and standard mixer taps are available for a range of commercial applications. Long life and constant flow aerators, using patented isoflow technology, can be supplied to retrofit existing taps.

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